Were Hiring Waiting on Staff

We’re hiring staff due to being so busy which is great.

We require part time waiting staff for Weekends, some other hours may be available.  If you have experience can work weekends and would like to join our team send us your CV ideally with a picture of your self, then please phone the restaurant.



Please note the following before applying:-

We are a NON Smoking Establishment so we do not offer smoke breaks, this also means if you smoke you shouldn’t come to work smelling of smoke, hygiene is paramount, we are a service industry in contact with customers.  We do NOT discriminate against people who smoke just suggest if our terms are an issue for you, maybe this is not the right job for you .


Please do not apply if you want to go out at weekends or require special occasions off like Valentines, Mothers day or bank holidays as this is when we are busy, our job is to make other peoples weekends and occasions special.  We believe we have the best staff you will find any where.  Our staff tend to stay with us for a long time, they are eager to work hard in a team and give great customer service which has been reflected recently on review sites and our facebook page.

Working Times will vary from week to week.  Start Times are usually 5;30pm to 6:30pm, finishing times cannot be confirmed in advance due to the nature of restaurants, as a guide line on a Friday and Saturday finish time could be between 10pm and midnight with the middle being a reasonable average.  It is not appropriate to clock watch and continue to ask what time you are going home when the restaurant is busy, if you need a set finishing time, restaurant work may not be suitable for you.

Transport can be an issue if you rely on public transport especially if you do not live locally to the restaurant.  The nature restaurants means we have late finishing times at weekends; it is strongly suggested you have suitable transport arranged before contacting the restaurant about any job, we have a responsibility for duty of care for you, therefore you will be asked about your transport arrangements and this may affect our decision to offer you employment; we are unable to offer lifts home or to work.

If you think you have what it takes we would love to hear from you and welcome you to join our team.  Please email your CV with a picture if possible (Not essential) and afterwards phone the restaurant; please do not phone the restaurant a t 8pm when we are mad busy.

When writing a CV we prefer a short but sweet CV that isn’t sugar coated, the truth is better, over the years many people have fallen into the trap of selling themselves as something they are not, so we suggest just send your basic details, name, address, work experience, small bit of truth about yourself and we will presume the reason you want the job is money!

The Process:

Once we have your CV and spoken on the phone you may be offered a interview, we do not expect you to dress up for the occasion but this is our first  meeting and first appearances count, so we would suggest some comfortable casual clothes, remember when we see you we are visualizing you working in the restaurant.

If the formal interview is successful you will be either invited at the interview or told we will phone you to offer you the chance for the final part of the interview which is often referred to as a “Working Interview”, this gives us a chance to see that you have the skills you have told us about and you a chance to meet the team.  Working interviews are a voluntary process which usually last 3 hours, these are unpaid however if you have any traveling expenses these will be paid for up to £10.  Usually by the working interview its pretty much a sure thing that you will be successful.

If you have been offered a working interview or even the Job and you have changed your mind, we thank you for applying but would ask if you could just let us know that you will not be turning up, its just simple manners, this could be done by email or by leaving a message on the restaurant answer phone during the day; so you don’t have to speak to anyone if you don not wish too.  If circumstances change you could always apply again if you passed your working interview you wouldn’t need to do it again.

We hope the above help answer questions and look forward to receiving your CV and meeting you for a interview soon.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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