Valentines why do we celebrate it?

What is St Valentines Day?

Its Romantic so it must be French YES or NO?

Its commercial so it must be American?

We all know that 14th February is the time to show loved ones that you care about them on this day; usually shown with red roses, Chocolates and a Romantic meal for  two.  For many the concept of romantic and love is a French idea or is it just a modern event designed by shops and restaurants to create revenue after Christmas?

You may be surprised that Valentines is Italian and dates back to its creation 1500 years ago and has a religious background.

Celebrated by most of the worlds population, Saint Valentine’s goes back to 496 AC when Pope Gelasio I declared that this day be dedicated to fertility. His intention was to Christianize the Lupercalia festival, an ancient tradition observed on February 15th.

Saints are honoured people and Saint Valentine was born in Terni, a city in central Italy, in 175 AC and was made a bishop in 197 AC, he dedicated  his life to evangelization and the protection of the Christian community in his city, where there was not surprisingly religious persecution; somethings never change.

Patron of Terni, Saint Valentine was known as the protector of couples in love thanks to the legend surrounding his name. The most famous story suggests that a young Roman centurion named Sabino was in love with a young and beautiful woman named Serapia.

Sabino wanted to marry Serapia and as tradition shows even today he  asked her parents for their blessing.   Unfortunately they would not allow such a permission  because Sabino was pagan and they were Christian.   Out of true  love, Sabino went to the Bishop and asked Valentine if he could convert to Christianity so he could marry his true love.  When  Serapia’s parents learned Sabino’s  religious conversion, they gave Sabino their blessing and consent so this should have been a happy ending.

However, while preparing for the special wedding, the young bride-to-be fell very ill.  When the centurion learned that his love was going to die, he returned to Bishop Valentine and asked not to be separated from Serapia, since his life would have no meaning without her.

According to the legend, Valentine felt pity for the young solider  and decided to marry the couple. During the benediction Valentine caused them both the fall into eternal sleep so they could be united forever, the ultimate gesture of love – please do not try this at home.

Today to celebrate the love Sabino had for Serapia and  you have for someone special, we have the perfect stylish venu

with tantilising  menu and wines.  Dont forget to have a drink of Prossecco fro Sabino and Sabrino the first true romantics.  So love isn’t something to be shown one a year but St Valentines day is a special celebration showing that you would do ultimate gestures of love just as Sabino and Serapia did.

So Valentines Day does have some real History and meaning