Valentine Day 2014 is a week on Friday

St Valentines Day is very near, if you haven’t booked yet don’t delay


Every year the time seems to go faster, it only seems like a few days ago it was Christmas and now we are coming to the middle of February which mean St Valentines Day.

I have spent many years thinking that Valentines was just commercial Hype, and yes to an extent it is, however I actually think it is very romantic to actually go out on the evening, maybe because for the past 20 years I haven’t had the chance, but thats part of the point, I cannot because I have to work but you can.

For the non-romantic gents out there with the excuse that its too busy lets wait for another day, I say the restaurant is the same size on Valentines Day as it is on a Saturday when we are also very busy, thats what makes the atmosphere.  St Valentines signifies love and the ultimate sacrifice


that a Italian couple

gave each other which is why Valentines should be celebrated on Valentines day; you wouldn’t celebrate Christmas day on Boxing day!  We write different menus  to celebrate it with making the evening  special.


So if you haven’t been out on Valentines Days for a while, surprise the one you love and book a table show that love and romance matters.

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