Secret Garden

Our secret garden is finished and ow has a name which i have just used.  A perfect name as it allows you to hide away giving you some peace and tranquility.  Why not enjoy our Secret Garden simply for a cool glass of wine, boutique beer or a trendy cocktail to treat yourself.



We are also serving our menu in the garden so you can have a full alfresco dining experience or simply share a pizza and a couple of beers with some friends, the choice is your we will keep it a secret. My favorite choice would be simply a cup of tea served with a freshly made Viennese biscuit during the day with a Pilot magazine to read.



Why don’t you try to make my Viennese biscuits and send me a picture for the website?

Viennese Biscuits


250g Very soft butter
250g Plain Flour
50g Corn Flour
50g Icing Sugar


1. Simply place all the ingredients into a blender and switch on for 60 seconds or until it forms into a soft ball.

2. Pipe the mix on to a tray, you can do long fingers or small biscuits.  If you havent got a piping bag make a ball and then squash it into a disc about half a cm thick.

3. Place into a pre heated oven for 108 degree C fro 12 to 15 minutes just before that start to colour.

4. When you take them out sprinkle with caster sugar which will stick.

5. You can eat them as a plain biscuit or stick two together with jam, butter cream, chocolate, nutella, chocolate spear or what ever takes your fancy.

6. Eat them all thats what I do.