Online Bookings Proving a Success but we still welcome telephone bookings and walkin’s

We have been experimenting with online bookings for a few months to see what the demand was;  I am happy to report back it have been a overwhelming success.  Over half of all bookings are now done online through this system.

Our trial period is over so we have now released the full bookings online, before we only allowed bookings at 30 minute intervals, we have now released time slots every 15 minutes.

If you would still prefer to book in person or over the phone you  are still welcome we are just give you more choices.

You can find the booking system on our website and on our Facebook page.

Questions and Answers

I try to make a booking for 4 peopel and it will not accept it?
-If you try to make a booking for say 4 people and it will only accept 2 people, this is because the time slot is full, so you will need to try a different time or phone and see if we feel we can accept your booking.

I am trying to book a table before I come down on Saturday evening and I cannot get the bookings to work or login to a prvious booking i have made?
-At very busy times when the basic restaurant is full we have to block any more bookings online however we are very likely to be able to find you a time slot over the phone or if you turn up and have a drink we would sit you as soon as we can


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