Free Birthday Dinner

September is a busy month at home, Kids back to school, all different start days and its also both of our birthdays (Sarah and Gareth).

So I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have a free dinner some where for our Birthdays!

Well that’s what we are now giving away a FREE Birthday dinner.  This new celebration works great as a celebration with Italian -Grill being 1 year old since the middle of August, Time really flies.

Simply subscribe to our news letter and at the end of every month we will send out a special birthday offer giving you your dinner for free as a birthday present and thank you for being our customer.

If you are already on the mailing list don’t worry just go to your last email and click change preferences, it will then bring up a window to select your birthday month.  We can only accept one email address per birthday day, the only exception is we would honor the Queens birthdays, actual and official, so your Majesty no dogs allowed.


The Birthday Gift

You will receive a free main course from the menu up to the value of £16

You must book in advance by phone, email or online booking providing your email for confirmation.

Offer is ONLY valid for your Birthday month it cannot be carried across to the following month.

You must dine with at least one other person who orders a main course at full price, excluded any special or early bird menus.



Questions and Answers.

My birthday is in December can I still use my birthday gift with a Christmas party on a Set party menu.
You cannot pick your birthday month, if its in December its in December so yes of course you can, we will just deduct £14 of the Party Menu cost, Happy Birthday.

Why do you only deduct £14 of a party christmas menu for my Birthday Gift?
-Because Christams menus are 3 course deals which have a discount already applied.

Can I come in december with a friend and just order off the noraml menu?
-Yes of course you can and you can order then any main course up to £16

If I order a main course for £8 can I use the balance towards a dessert or starter?
-Sorry no the offer is simply for a Birthday main course and is not transferable, we set the amount so it make pretty much every main course availiable, we suggest ording a main course which makes your mouth water and forget the cost as its your Birthday gift.

If my friend orders a main course for £8 and I order a main course for £16 is it still free or do I only get the cheapest main course free?
-You get whatever main course YOU eat for free so it does notmatter what your friend orders as long as it is on our main menu and not a special offer.


YOU MUST BE REGISTERED ON OUR E NEWSLETTER If you are not please do not ask for the gift

We reserve the right to ask for PROOF of birthday date, ie driving License etc

Only Valid for 18 yer olds and older who are registered.

Only one Birthday day per year valid per email, you cannot share a email address.

You MUST book in advance with 24 hours notice.

Offer only valid for your birthday Month

Managers Decision final

No further discounts can be offered

Must eat with someone eating at least 1 main course at full price

Must order a minimum of 1 drink per person excluding water and soda water

Allow us to share your celebration with a quick picture for our website and social media

Offers cannot be mixed with other offers