Chocolate Porter Boutique Beer

Dark Beer Complimented by the addition of REAL Chocolate, tastes great…

Chocolate Porter is Brewed by Meantime which was  Founded by Alastair Hook & like minded friends in a small Greenwich flat.  Of course a flat wouldn’t be big enough to brew beer for more than a handful of friends so they found the brewery’s perfect location; Penhall Road, Greenwich. A stone’s throw away from where the idea was first conceived.

Meantime’s commitment was to create great beer; this required  the largest investment in craft brewing in London since 1930. Meantime have built a state of the art brewery in Greenwich dedicated to giving their beer the time it needs to come into it’s own, however long that time may be. They suggest  it’s usually around six weeks to brew a batch of beer, but it’s an art not science.  Many large commercial brewers who treat beer and wine as a science which has more in common with a science laboratory playing with chemicals and test tubes.  The same difference would be buying a pre-prepared meal in a chain restaurant to a fantastic freshly prepared meal in a restaurant like Italian-grill watching the chef use fantastic local ingredients, every meal is unique although similar due to fresh ingredients are all slightly different.

Italian-Grill are proud to sell Chocolate Porter Boutique Beer a fantastic British beer as a part of our Boutique Beer range, offering options from around the world offering unique and exciting lagers and beers.


The natural Mocca flavours of the four different roasted malts used to brew this rich, dark beer are complemented by the addition of real chocolate during maturation. Warm, complex and smooth, it has a long, clean finish.  This is what a chocolate beer should taste like, everybody else take notice!

6.5% ABV


Chocolate Porter Boutique Beer is a ideal dessert or digestif beer, it is also a superb match for beef or game stews, however I think you cant beat this with a rich Chocolate dessert.

Visit the Meantime website to see more about this great British Brewery