Celebrate A Level Results day at Italian-Grill by giving you a FREE dinner

Today is the long awaited results day for A-Level results.  We know that many students will be elated with results which were expected or more and some students who may feel disappointed with grades below what they really wanted.

Whatever you get today remember you have SUCCEEDED!  You have just completed two years of further education which regardless of any result has broadened your experience and outlook on like.

Please feel happy with any A-Level results you receive today even if they mean your plans are changing, its still a exciting new beginning.  I have always liked a saying Winston Churchhill use to say ′The problem with is exams is they never asked me the questions I knew′, he did pretty ok for himself and for us.  Richard Brandson decided he was too busy to sit his exams so did not bother!

So whatever results you got today Italian -Grill would love to help you celebrate by giving you a FREE dinner and saying well done!.




Bring us you A Level results so we can congratulate you, we will buy you dinner to include a main course up to the vale of £15, not transferable must come to the restaurant with another adult who is dinning and orders a minimum of a main course and a drink per person. Valid Thursday 8th August 2014.  Remember you MUST bring you results page please do not ask for the offer without it. Managers decision final cannot be used with early bird menu.