Boutique Beers Worldly

Black Sheep Best ENGLISH BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
UK 500ml 3.8% BeerBlack Sheep’s best selling beer, a well hopped, light golden best
bitter with a distinctive, dry, refreshing taste, to be enjoyed in true
Black Sheep style through a rich creamy head.£4.25
Golden Sheep ENGLISH BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
UK 500ml 4.7% BeerA beautifully balanced blonde beer that develops with zesty
flavours, bananas, coffee and licurice and then finishes with a
clean and wickedly moreish finish.£4.25
Riggwelter ENGLISH BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
UK 500ml 5.7% BeerThis strong, velvety ruby brown beer really is a wolf in sheep’s
clothing. It is deceptively clean drinking, with a wonderfully
complex palate of coffee, bananas and liquorice with a long,
dry Goldings hop finish.£4.45
Modelo Especial HISPANIC LAGEROrigin Size Strength Style
Mexico 355ml 4.5% PilsnerA rich, full-flavored pilsner beer with a slightly sweet,
well-balanced taste, light hop character and crisp finish.FactThe first Beer brewed by Grupo Modelo, the brewers of Corona
Extra, in 1925. Modelo Especial is positioned as a super
premium alternative to Corona Extra; a perfect choice for the
discerning beer drinker.£3.65
Curious Brew ENGLISH LAGEROrigin Size Strength Style
UK 330ml 4.7% LagerCurious Brew is a truly premium lager beer. Brewed in England
with precision and passion to create a uniquely satisfying, drier,
cleaner, fresher, lager beer. It’s unique blend of brewing and wine
making make it a fantastic choice for all.£3.95
Estrella Damm HISPANIC LAGEROrigin Size Strength Style
Spain 330ml 4.6% LagerGold coloured, with hints of amber and tones of pale green
throughout. It appears clean and crisp in the glass, forms a
cream coloured head and is dense with a lingering aftertaste
dominated by malted barley. Fact“The Beer of Barcelona” has been brewed since 1876 and is
vastly popular on the terraces and bars in Barcelona. By Sourcing
its barley malt from the Ebro basin in Spain from their own malt
house ensures the best barley is used to make this iconic beer.£3.65
Birra Moretti ITALIAN LAGEROrigin Size Strength Style
Italy 330ml 4.6% LagerMalt sweetness with a bit of fruit in the background. The best
raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, as well as a
special blend of high quality hops that gives it a unique taste
and fragrance, enhancing its perfectly balanced bitter taste.
It is a bottom fermented beer with a golden colour. This
colouring is a result of the type of malt used in brewing.£3.65
Viru EUROPEAN BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Estonia 300ml 5% PilsnerA fresh easy-drinking brew that is pleasant and well balanced
with a light hoppy flavour and a gentle note of vanilla. Crisp and
clean with consistent maltiness.FactA very unique bottle of Imperial Russian design and is said to be based on the medieval towers of Tallinn and its octahedral design is over 100 years old. The colours of the label are those of the Estonian flag.£3.95
Liefmans Fruit Beer BELGUIM BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Belguim 330ml 4.2% Fruit BeerSweet & fruity beer – sparkling & refreshing.FactThe origin of the blending was to preserve the beer, brewed in
winter, for the hot summer months. Liefmans is brewed from pale,
dark and roasted malts. After fermentation for one week, the beer
matures for four to eight months. Older beers are blended with
fresher, sweeter, ‘new’ beer to enliven its flavour. The Masterpiece
of blending is Goudenband.£3.95
Chocolate Porter ENGLISH BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
UK 330ml 6.5% BeerThe natural mocca flavours of the four different roasted malts
used to brew this rich, dark beer are complemented by the
addition of real chocolate during maturation. Warm, complex
and smooth, it has a long, clean finish. £4.95
Hoegaarden BELGIAN BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Belgium 330ml 5% Wheat BeerWith an aroma of orange peel, coriander and spice, its
characteristic taste is entirely unique: smooth, light-bodied,
and simultaneously sweet and sour, with a subtle, spiced
citrus flavour.FactThis brilliant white beer is brewed to a traditional recipe which
dates as far back as 1445, although the beer has only existed
since 1966 when it was revived by a local Belgian milkman,
Pierre Cellis. £3.85
Leffe Blonde BELGIAN BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Belgium Beer 330ml 6.6% BlondeLeffe Blonde is elegant, smooth and fruity, and has a spicy
aftertaste with a hint of bitter orange. Its light, sunny colour
is due to the use of pale malt. FactLeffe was originally brewed by monks in 1240, and is still brewed
according to their recipe. Enjoy with all kinds of well-flavoured
cured meats, sausages and stews and is even great
with chocolate.£3.85
Liefmans Kriek Brut BELGIAN BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Belgium 330ml 6% Fruit BeerSharp at first but sweetens with a hint of peppery bitterness – 2
tier palette – fruity and cleansing, soft and dry balanced cherry
taste, with a perfect equilibrium between the sweet and
sour aspects.FactBrewed only once a year, the beer is enriched with a selection of
freshly picked cherries. Following a protracted spell of maturation
in the Liefmans cellars, different vintages are blended into what is
a unique ‘master blend’.£4.95
Salitos TEQUILLA BEEROrigin Size Strength Style
Germany 330ml 5.9% Tequila BeerSalitos is an easy to drink tequila flavour beer with a refreshing zesty flavour. It’s easy drinking style means it appeals to females as well as males, and also people who don’t drink beer.£3.75
Peroni Red GOLDEN YELLOW LAGEROrigin Size Strength Style
Italy 330ml 4.7% LagerPeroni has been produced with care, competence and passion since 1846, always following the original recipe and using the best ingredients. The red labeled Peroni Red offers a slightly darker colour with more pronounced malty and hoppy characteristics.£3.65