Sit back and relax with a Bay Breeze and enjoy the Italian Bar, Tameside’s most stylish and exclusive bar.  A bay breeze is a fruity sophisticated refreshing cocktail reminding you of a time sat on the Riviera sipping cocktails and indulging the continental atmosphere

The Bay Breeze is a cocktail which has a Cape Codder as its base. A Cape Codder is a cocktail which is only made with fruit juices and spirits.   This drink is also sometimes called a Downeaster or Hawaiian Sea Breeze.  This cocktail is similar to the Sea Breeze, which is an IBA Official Cocktail with grapefruit juice instead of pineapple juice.

The following ingredients are based on the IBA measures for a Sea Breeze when issued in parts.

  • 2 parts vodka
  • 5 parts cranberry juice
  • 2 part pineapple juice

We use our house vodka as standard but why not add extra dimension by adding Absolut Mango or raspberry vodka.  Served long on the rocks with pineapple or a wedge of lime.